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Electronic WhiteBoards - Panasonic


The Panasonic Electronic Whiteboards have greatly improved and with a reduction in the price are well worth a closer review.

The core Electronic Whiteboard models are -

Interactive Whiteboard - Panaboard:

It's a whiteboard that lets you project PC screen images onto it, and lets you operate the PC right from the board surface. This contributes to smooth, easy-to-understand presentations and is ideal for meetings in which Websites are displayed, motion images are shown, and additional information is written while meeting.

Elite Panaboard - Color or B/W

Elite Panaboard is designed with the emphasis on operating the PC from the board surface. It lets you effectively use digital information for smooth presentations and meetings in which Websites are accessed and viewed.
It also comes with original software that makes it easy to prepare documents.


Interactive Panaboard -

In addition to PC connectivity, lets you write directly onto the board with a marker pen. Information that is displayed or handwritten onto the board can be printed out directly. Information on the board can also be projected onto a large screen, for example, for lectures held in large halls


Standard Panaboard

It's a whiteboard that lets you scan information written on the board in black and white, and immediately print it out.
The scanned data can be transferred to a PC by connecting the PC to Panaboard with a USB cable. The Panaboard lineup includes various models for different applications, ranging from the basic type to high-end models for use in hotel conference rooms and boardrooms.

UB-7325/7320/5820/5320 - Metallic Design

UB-5865/5365 - Metallic & Slim Design

UB-5835/5335/5310 - Slim Design

Color Panaboard

Color Panaboard can scan written information in either color or black and white, and store the scanned data.
The scanned data can be easily transferred to a PC by using an SD Memory Card*, a USB flash memory device* or a USB cable, and distributed via email for easy sharing. The scanned data is also easy to carry about. When the optional printer is connected, scanned data can be printed out* immediately.
Color Panaboard gives you maximum power in presentations and conferences.

The endless screen models let users scroll to the second screen by simply pressing a button. No more need to manually rotate the board during presentations. Wall mounting is also possible for offices with limited space.



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Key Features of Panasonic Electronic Whiteboards

    • Large and wide screen formats for high-impact lessons.

    • Operate with a finger or electronic pen, instructions are relayed directly to the board.

    • Multi-touch operation where images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with your fingers.

    • Three simultaneous points can be detected allowing three students to work together on the same task.

    • Ink Note allows you to insert images or text into Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint using the elite Panaboard Software.

    • Built-in stereo speakers offers audio support to your class! videos with sounds and interactions with sound effects help deliver your lessons more effectively.

    • Multifunctional electronic pen allows quick switching between four marker colors and the eraser tool and things like remotely turning pages in PowerPoint.

    • Wireless functions with the optional wireless kit, no need for cables to connect your board to a PC 2 USB hub ports to connect extra devices to enhance your lessons such as a desktop camera, microscope or a printer.

    • Scan in B/W
    • Film Board
    • Screen
    • SD Card
    • USB Flash Memory
    • USB CAble
    • Driverless
    • Plain Paper
    • Projector
    • Stand
    • Wall
    • Adjuster



WhiteBoard | Pen | Software | Documentation | Connectivity Options | Printer


The WhiteBoards come in these general configurations -

2 or 4 Panel

Capable of USB scanning

They can be used in general either wall mounted, on a stand, or as an adjusted screen.



Multifunctional electronic pen allows quick switching between four marker colors and the eraser tool and things like remotely turning pages in PowerPoint.


Panasonic Document Management System and image capture software.



There is complete documentation via PDF for every aspect of this system.


Connectivity Options


Some models come with multiple USB ports. Allowing the use of USB Flash Memory.

SD Card

SD Cards.



Both a Plain Paper and a Thermal paper Prinetr are available, depending on the model.



WhiteBoard Pricing

For Pricing on the Whiteboards and their Accessories please contact us.


We accept Purchase Orders only from schools and universities inside the United States. All others must prepay.

Contact us with any questions.

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